Creative and interactive design to hype up your audience!

Ready to reach the next level? ODD is the partner for interactive and creative design for gamers, game studios and the arts. You’ve got some exciting ideas and we’ve got the talent and knowledge to make it into an awesome experience for your audience...Sounds like we’ll make a great team! Life is short, working with good people makes it better. Let’s both wake up excited to start our day.
Our team comes from all different backgrounds, walks of life and expertise. Diversity has a place here.




The craftsman comes from different lands, utilizing abilities gathered in the last decade working with several companies and agencies. Their communicating tools are way broader than just visuals. No matter what the idea is, they always find the best possible way to convey the message using his vast knowledge in the latest technologies and other tools such as 3D, chatbots, web design, and animations. Under their precision, even the smallest detail won't be left out. It all stems from a love towards Japanese arts like woodblock prints, architecture and cinematography. If you have ever seen a Miyazaki movie, you know what kind of detail we are talking about.



The Narrator comes to us with broad roots in Business Administration, Accounting, Social Media Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Copywriting and Business Development. Jack of all trades, master of... Not accounting. Their love for storytelling was ignited at a young age with a hobby of writing comics and scripts for home videos. Today that passion is fuelled by many adventures, novels, films and working with talented people eager to bring their ideas to life. The Narrator guides not only the strategy of each project but the story as well.



The Photographer has honed their skills through working with various types of companies and through numerous campaigns. An infectious personality and also your initial point of contact, you might find yourself wanting to talk to us even if you don’t have to. This is also the individual that can capture your brand's vision with a simple click of the shutter. Their background in various entrepreneurial ventures allows them to bridge the gap between the conceptual and tangible, all while aligning a simple picture with consumers desires.

Have an idea but not sure how would you go about it? No problem, just contact us.